The New way of Agriculture

It is no coincidence that the bee occupies an important position in the store logo.

We approach each application of chemicals under the guise of integrated and sustainable agriculture.

In this way the effects of the products are, as far as possible, smaller in the beneficial fauna and flora of the environment.

The goal of the store, the development and application of pioneering applications in agriculture always in complete harmony with the environment.

We have a broad network of meteorological stations to collect meteorological data to predict disease conditions.

– We have a set of pheromone traps for capturing insect pests and spraying.

A wide range of plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and tools and always at the most competitive market prices.

We have experienced scientific staff with specialized agronomists per crop.

Our executives and partners have extensive experience in the field of integrated fertilization and plant protection applications.

The high degree of specialization and the constant updating of the new technologies guarantee the high level of service provided by our store.